Learning Outcomes | International Business

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Student Learning Outcomes

The International Business concentration is designed for students pursuing a career in global business management in a variety of settings including for profit and not-for-profit organizations, industry and government.

International Business focuses on the overview of the unique problems faced by firms engaging in international activities; the importance of understanding the foreign economic, social, political, cultural, and legal environment; the mechanics of importing and exporting; joint venture, franchising, and subsidiaries, international dimensions of management, marketing and accounting, and international financial management. The concentration will also explore the special problems of multi-national corporations; recent problems of the international economic system, as well as country-risk analysis.

Students graduating with an International Business concentration should be able to:

  • Explain business expansion abroad and key issues related to their operations in other countries.
  • Compare and contrast cultures and societies globally using socioeconomic and cultural frameworks.
  • Develop an entry strategy into other markets recognizing the nature of institutions and forces governing the process of globalization.