Wise Mind: Building Emotional Resiliency is three-session skill-based workshop series that is designed to help you make a change in your life by learning mindfulness techniques and distress tolerance skills to manage difficult emotions and thoughts.

SCC staff hopes that these three sessions can provide you with a springboard from which to integrate skills into your daily life to build emotional resiliency.  

Registration is required for sessions from 4 to 5 p.m. Tuesdays, Feb. 28, March 7, and 14.

  1. Episode One Workbook
  2. Episode Two Workbook
  3. Episode Three Workbook

This workshop series will also be offered again starting April 10, and is offered throughout the semester in a live on-line format via Zoom.

Wise Mind is also available online as pre-recorded videos! Watch each half hour video of on the SCC playlist at the Pacific University YouTube channel. Follow along in the downloadable workbook beneath each video.