Message From the Dean | School of Pharmacy

Photo of School of Pharmacy Dean Reza Karimi

Welcome to the Pacific University School of Pharmacy and thank you very much for visiting our website. My name is Reza Karimi and I am the Dean of Pacific University School of Pharmacy. As the Dean, I am humbly honored and privileged to serve our dedicated students, faculty, staff, administration, alumni, and preceptors.

The School is located on Hillsboro campus in Oregon and offers a well-structured three-year Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) curriculum. As you navigate through our website, you will notice there are a few unique features about our program that have created a conducive learning environment for students and have built a tradition of excellence for our students, faculty, staff, and administration. 

  • First, we have cultivated a learner-centered environment. This means rather than asking how we teach, we ask how our students learn. In addition, in this environment each and every one of us is a learner. Simply put, the more we learn the better we can assist our students in their learning. 
  • Second, our instructional designs are innovative. Our faculty are continuously generating new learning methods to maximize student learning. Nationally, our instructional designs have been recognized to be innovative twice (in 2010 and 2014) among 130 colleges and schools of pharmacy. 
  • Third, we have nurtured a patient-centered model into our didactic and experiential curricula.This means we train our students to learn the craft of patient education and patient advocacy. In other words, we teach students to put patients in the center of all they do. Indeed, our faculty have been awarded twice nationally (in 2010 and 2014) for creating excellent experiential assessment tools and best pharmacy practices. 
  • Fourth, we train students to gain confidence in teamwork and interprofessional skills to provide the best therapeutic outcome for their patients.

Our nationally recognized administration, faculty, and staff have generated an educational map to guide students through their journey from day one when they are awarded a symbolic white coat for the entry into the pharmacy profession, to their graduation day when they are honored with a hood for the achievement of the PharmD degree. We have an accomplished faculty team conducting research in both basic and clinical sciences and those students interested in discovery and scholarship are engaged and mentored in research by our faculty. The landscape of the pharmacy profession is changing. The Pharmacist’s role in today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare system is dynamic and pivotal. We have a strong and foundational partnership with our Alumni, School Advisory Board members, and Preceptors Advisory Board members. These leaders work in all sectors of the pharmacy profession, and provide advice and directions to prepare our students to be practice-ready for a dynamic and transforming pharmacy profession.

I’ve only touched on a few program highlights, and there are more to discover. I am deeply committed, and it is my pleasure, to maintain these unique features and supports and also to find new niches and paths to make sure that our students succeed in their academic and professional endeavors at our School. Student learning is our commitment and their success is our goal.  

As we select the right candidates for our next class, it is important that applicants have access to all necessary resources to select us as the right School as well. I invite you to take a closer look at our website and explore different sections of our program or come and visit us to learn more about the above and other unique features of the program. I hope your navigation through our website will assist you in finding relevant information and learning more about the level of outstanding reputation and excellence that our extraordinary students, faculty, staff, and administration have cultivated here. 


Reza Karimi, RPh, PhD
Dean and Professor