Address the challenge of pursuing justice in a changing world by exploring the complex issues of crime, justice and social policy.

The criminal justice, law and society major and minor at Pacific University program explores the theory and philosophy of law and justice in the United States and teaches students to address the challenges of pursuing justice in a complicated and quickly changing social environment. Students study an interdisciplinary set of topics, including criminal justice, philosophy of the law, conflict mediation, civil liberties, and constitutional law.


Criminal Justice major Jenna Richards '19

Careers in Criminal Justice

Students who complete the criminal justice, law and society major go on to law school or to pursue careers in social policy, criminal justice, law enforcement, juvenile justice, corrections, law, federal and state agencies, and international organizations.

Criminal justice major Hannah McCauley '21
Hannah McCauley ’21 came to Pacific with a plan.

She was looking for the opportunity to double major in sociology and criminal justice and set her self up for law school.

“I picked Pacific because of the location, the financial aid package, and it had the program I wanted,” she said. “The classes fit so well, and there is so much you can do with that double major.”

As a Pacific student, she interned as a victim’s advocate with the Washington County District Attorney’s Office, along with other government agencies. Her constitutional law class solidified her desire to pursue a legal career.

A month before graduation, she was weighing her next steps, with acceptance letters from at least four law schools.

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Kelsey Graczyk '19 long dreamed of working for the National Park Service. Now she helps tell the story of the parks as a visual communications specialist.

Daniel Eisen

Eisen is a critical race scholar whose classes support the undergraduate Sociology, Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Law & Society, and Gender and Sexuality Studies programs at Pacific University.

Amanda Pays '21 was accepted into the Criminology, Law, and Justice Ph.D. program at the University of Illinois at Chicago and will begin her doctoral studies in fall 2022.