Data Science | Advising Handbook

Data Science is an interdisciplinary major with coursework in mathematics, computer science, statistics, data modeling, communication and visualization, and ethics.

To finish in four years, it is important that freshmen complete: Math 226, Math 227, and CS 150, CS 250.

The Sophomore courses listed below will first be offered in the 2020-2021 academic year, and the Junior/Senior courses in 2021-2022 academic year.

A typical four-year course sequence would be:

  Fall Winter Spring

MATH 226 Calculus I (4)

CS 150 Intro to CS (4)


MATH 227 Calculus II (4)

CS 250 Intro to CS II (4)


DSCI 340 Algorithms and Data Structures (4)

MATH 206 Computational Linear Algebra (4)

MEDA 319 Information Design (2)

SCI 2XX Technical Writing (2)

MATH 307 Calculus Based Statistics (4)

PHIL 202 Ethics & Society (4)


DSCI 440 Machine Learning and Data Mining (4)

CS 445 Databases

  DSCI 407 Statistical Modeling and Regression (4)
Senior DSCI 490 Capstone (2)   DSCI 492 Capstone (2)


Transfer students who have completed the above freshman fall and spring coursework can finish in three years by taking a winter course their junior or senior year.

Data Science Minor

There is currently no minor offered in Data Science.

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