Refunds Resulting from Financial Aid | Graduate & Professional

Financial aid will be applied to student accounts and will be used to address allowable charges incurred, such as tuition and fees. Federal regulations restrict how the college can manage Title IV financial aid program funding such as Direct Unsubsidized and Graduate PLUS Loans. If the total amount of Title IV financial aid funds disbursed to a student account exceeds allowable charges for tuition and fees, the college must receive written authorization to pay the balance of miscellaneous charges incurred against the student account. Examples of miscellaneous charges are: library fines, health center charges, parking fines, etc.

Financial aid applied to a student account that exceeds the amount a student has been charged may be refunded to the student. Refunds must be used to cover education-related expenses such as off-campus living expenses, transportation and/or books and supplies. Refunds will be processed at least weekly during the semester/term and more frequently during the first 10 days of class. Refunds will not be processed before the first day of class.

Students are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit through BoxerOnline. If a refund is issued electronically, the student is notified of the refund by email from Pacific University. For students who wish Pacific University to hold a credit balance and not issue a refund, they must notify Student Accounts in the Business Office in writing.

If a refund is issued to a student as a result of excess financial aid and the student subsequently withdraws from the university, the student may be required to repay the cash disbursement to Pacific University in order for the university to return funds to the applicable financial aid programs.