College of Business Scholarships | MBA

The College of Business at Pacific University is pleased to offer a series of scholarships for admitted MBA applicants. All scholarships are finalized by the College of Business Admissions office. Any scholarship questions and submissions should be directed to Scholarships, other than Early Enrollment Scholarship, are awarded over the entire course of the students MBA program (i.e. over multiple terms).

Deadline: All scholarship application forms are due May 20, 2018.

Early Enrollment Scholarship

All admitted MBA students are eligible for the Early Enrollment Scholarship. To receive this award, students must enroll in the MBA program and submit a $200 deposit prior to June 1, 2018. No application is necessary. All students enrolled prior to the date will receive a $500 additional scholarship. The offices of Admissions and Financial Aid reserve the right to extend the early scholarship deadline.

Boxer Legacy Award

Admitted MBA students who are continuing Boxers from Pacific University programs are eligible for the Boxer Legacy Award. Scholarship amounts may vary. Applicants submit a completed Boxer Legacy Scholarship form (pdf) and corresponding essay.

Executive Council & Community Liaison

The Executive Council & Community Liaison scholarship is awarded to admitted MBA student(s) who demonstrates experience and potential as excellent liaison(s) with the community. Those who receive the award are required to participate at College of Business events and meetings of the College of Business Executive Council when required. Applicants must submit a Community Liaison Scholarship form (pdf) and corresponding essay.

Non-profit & Small Business Scholarship

The College of Business supports the growth of non-profit and small businesses and recognizes the financial challenge for these businesses to support continuing education for its employees. Students working in one of these types of businesses are eligible to apply. Students must submit the Small Business Scholarship form (pdf) and corresponding essay.

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