Dietary Needs Input Process

Students who would like to participate in the Dietary Needs Input process must request a Dietary Needs Form from the Housing Office. Students are encouraged to make their request prior to the first day of classes by emailing the Housing Office. It is mandatory that the student's medical provider complete the form and submit answers to the required questions on their official letterhead. The medical provider must also return the documents directly to the Housing Office.

Once all required documents are completed in full and on file in the Housing Office, the following steps will take place:

1. The Director of Housing will send the documents to a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN).

2. The RDN will contact the student within one-week of receiving all of the documents.

3. The RDN will set up a phone meeting with the student, Director of Housing, Director of Dining Services and the Chef to review the dietary needs and the dining program.

4. Within 10 business days of the phone meeting, the Director of Housing will contact the student via e-mail with the plan to meet the student's dietary needs.

Please Note: The above mentioned time frame is an estimate and may vary due to the schedules of those involved in the process.

Students who do not meet the requirements to participate in the Dietary needs process (i.e. class schedules, athletics, employment schedules, finances, vegetarian/vegan/organic, gluten-free diets, food intolerances, food preferences - such as food preparation and food distributor preferences) are encouraged to contact the Dining Director to discuss the meal plan program and to talk about ways to get the most out of the meal plan.