Dining Services

Pacific University Dining Services, operated by ARAMARK, offers a selection of menu items designed to satisfy a variety of preferences, including local and organic food options throughout campus dining facilities.


Dining Services operates a variety of eating establishments on Pacific University campuses.

The Grove

The Grove dining room inside the university center

The Grove is the main dining facility featuring daily menus and a variety of options. It is located in the Washburne University Center on the Forest Grove Campus.


POD market and dining area inside Creighton Hall, Pacific University Hillsboro Campus

The POD (provisions on demand), a market convenience store, has two locations. There is a POD located in the University Center on the Forest Grove Campus and one located on the first floor of Creighton Hall on the Hillsboro Campus.


Pacific University Starbucks

Pacific University has a full-service Starbucks on the Forest Grove Campus, located in the University Center between the POD and University Bookstore.