Leadership Opportunities

There are many leadership opportunities on campus that offer the chance to make friends, have fun, and build valuable skills. One of the easiest ways to get involved is to express your interest to your Resident Assistant (RA). Talk with your RA about your interests and ask them where you could put your skills to good use. Residence Life staff plan social activities and educational events throughout the year and anyone is welcome to help.

Here are some specific organizations that offer involvement opportunities within the residential environment:

Department of Residence Life
The Department of Residence Life typically hires for the positions below in February. Talk to your RA or CA if you are interested in applying!

Resident Assistants (RAs)
RAs are full-time students who live and work in the residence halls to support students in their academic, social and personal growth. As employees of Residence Life, RAs work to build a sense of community and respect among students, help manage housing operations, and enforce University policies and community standards. They plan and promote educational and social hall events to contribute to student and community development, such as guest speakers, group discussions, and fun activities. Carefully selected and thoroughly trained, RAs are good resources for students when they need help or support. They can assist students in connecting with many campus services and resources.

Community Coordinators (CCs)
CCs are specially selected veteran RAs. CCs assist the Area Coordinators in staff selection and training, Hall Council advising and administrative tasks. CC's work behind the scenes on administrative and programming tasks. Community Coordinators do rounds and enforce policies within the halls in order to keep the community respectful and safe.

Residence Hall Association (RHA)
RHA is the voice of all students in the residential community. The association includes executive positions and representatives from each Hall Government. RHA’s three main areas of interest are facility and policy concerns that affect residential students, activities and programs for residents, and overseeing each Hall Government. All residential students are welcome to attend weekly General Assembly meetings to learn about campus activities and projects, or to voice concerns.

Hall Government
Hall Governments exist to address student ideas and concerns in residential buildings, provide social opportunities for students, and to develop leadership skills in residential students. The Hall Governments have a variety of formal leadership positions, as well as members-at-large positions. Information regarding how to become involved in Hall Government is distributed each semester. Open forums are held on a regular basis to gather student feedback and are open to everyone in the hall; you are encouraged to attend whether or not you hold an executive position. Hall Governments represent the students residing in each residence hall and are overseen by RHA. Contact a Residence Life staff member for more information on being involved in your Hall Government.

Student Conduct Board
Student Conduct Board members are students or staff authorized by the Student Conduct Advisor to determine whether a student has violated the Student Code and to impose sanctions when a violation has been committed. Board members are trained to understand University policy, carefully evaluate all facts for each incident, and decide on an outcome appropriate to each situation. If you are interested in serving on the Student Conduct Board, contact the Office of Student Conduct at studentconduct@pacificu.edu for more information on how to get involved.