Mind Bender

Cloud Gate Sculpture in Chicago
Cloud Gate Sculpture by Amish Kapoor, known as 'The Bean'

Lisa Kjorstad Roche ’06 came to Pacific to study business, but it wasn’t long before she heard of Professor Jim Flory’s photography class. With fond childhood memories of helping in her grandfather’s darkroom, she signed up. 

Flory, who takes students from pinhole photography through film photography and traditional darkroom techniques to modern digital, encouraged Roche. She mostly prefers landscapes, people in their natural environments and architecture. “I just like how you can capture a moment that you’re never going to see again.” Although she stuck with business studies, Roche added photography as a second major. She now works in the Pacific admissions office and remains an active photographer.

For this series, part of the Katherine Cawein Gallery’s Alumni Show, Roche was intrigued with Chicago’s huge chrome Cloud Gate sculpture by Amish Kapoor, known to locals as “The Bean.” None of the images here or online have been manipulated in any way: they simply represent what interested Roche in the polished folds, bends and reflections of the sculpture.

This story first appeared in the Spring 2011 issue of Pacific magazine. For more stories, visit pacificu.edu/magazine.

Thursday, March 31, 2011