Speech-Language Pathology Cost & Financial Aid

For the graduate class of 2024, estimated costs are shown below:

Expenses First Year Second Year Total
Tuition $39,981


Books and Supplies $1,800 $1,200 $3,000
CPR/First Aid Certification $75 One-time fee   $75

Background Checks, Drug Screen, & Immunization Tracking

Up to $250 over the course of the program   $250
CALIPSO Clinical Hours Tracking - Student Fee $100 One-time fee   $100

Financial Aid & Tuition

Need-based aid in the form of student loans is available to those who demonstrate financial need. Find out more information from the Financial Aid Office.

The following sources of financial aid are available to speech-language pathology graduate students, though not all students will receive all types.

Graduate Assistantships

A limited number of graduate assistantship (GA) positions are offered to outstanding applicants each year at the time of formal notification of admission. Students receiving a GA assist one of our full-time CSD faculty or staff for approximately ten hours per week on a variety of projects. In return, each GA is awarded a $2,000 tuition waiver in year one (as part of the Financial Aid package) and $4,000 toward monthly payroll stipends during the first year (September-June).

Aurora Peters Speech Pathology Endowed Scholarship Fund

Aurora (“Rae”) and Clark Peters have established this scholarship to honor Rae’s interest in and support of the Speech Pathology program. Rae was encouraged by Professor A.C. (“Hap”) Hingston to pursue the Speech Therapy program during her years at Pacific. Rae and Clark met at Pacific and graduated in 1965. Rae became a Speech Therapist in the Lynch School District, and Clark began his education career teaching Speech at Clackamas High School. Rae and Clark’s love for Pacific has been shown by their continuing involvement and support for all aspects of Pacific University.

The School of CSD awards 2 scholarships to MS SLP students in their 1st year of the program. Awards from this fund are distributed through Financial Aid.

The Direct Stafford Loan Program

Graduate students can borrow up to $20,500 annually in an unsubsidized loan. Funds come from the US Department of Education and the interest rate is fixed at 5.31 percent (plus a 1.068% loan origination fee).

Federal Direct Graduate Plus Loans

These loans are also offered by the US Department of Education for educational expenses and have varying credit approval criteria that must be met by the loan applicants. These loans are fixed at 6.31 percent (plus a 4.272% loan origination fee).


If you have any questions about financial aid, budgeting, repayment, or other education-related financial concerns, please contact Jama Kelch.

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