Curriculum | MS in Speech-Language Pathology

The graduate program is 71 semester credit hours and takes two years to complete in five full-time semesters. Academic coursework in speech-language pathology is combined with clinical practicum with a requirement of a minimum of 400 clock hours of clinical experiences. All courses are offered with English as the language of instruction.

Students with research interests are encouraged to discuss their interests with a faculty mentor and consider the thesis option.

Following is the typical graduate course sequence.

Note: We continuously evaluate our curriculum. Courses and course sequences may vary slightly from that listed below.

Year 1

Fall Semester Credit Hours
CSD-500 Language Disorders in Children  3
CSD-503 Speech Sound Disorders 3
CSD-505 Seminar on Diversity 1
CSD-506 Fluency Disorders 3
CSD-511 Communication and Aging 2
CSD-519 Counseling Across the Lifespan 1
CSD-521 Clinical Methods and Observation 4
  Total 17
Spring Semester Credit Hours
CSD-504 School-Age Lang & Lit Disorders 3
CSD-512 Dysphagia 3
CSD-515 Aphasia 3
CSD-517 Advanced Issues in Speech Sound Disorders 2
CSD-501 Autism Spectrum Disorders 2
CSD-526 Practicum Seminar I 2
CSD-530 Clinical Practicum 3
  Total 18
Summer Term Credit Hours
CSD-513 Motor Speech Disorders 1
CSD-514 Research & Evidence Based Practice 3
CSD-520 Special Topics in CSD (topics vary)* 3
CSD-527 Practicum Seminar III 1
CSD-530 Clinical Practicum 3
  Total 11

*Several “Topics in CSD” elective classes will be offered each summer; each student is required to complete one of these Topics classes.

Year 2

Fall Semester Credit Hours
CSD-507 Voice Disorders 3
CSD-510 Acquired Brain Injury 3
CSD-516 Progressive Neurological Communication Disorders 3
CSD-518 AAC and Severe Disabilities 3
CSD-528 Practicum Seminar IV 2
CSD-530 Clinical Practicum 3
CSD-599 Thesis Elective** (3)
  Total 17

** Students electing to complete a thesis will enroll in thesis for three credits during Fall semester of the second year. The thesis does not count toward the MS degree/graduation requirements.

Spring Semester Credit Hours
CSD-534 Clinical Externship 8
  Total 8

Students must also successfully complete the comprehensive examination (“comps”) during their last semester (Spring of the second year).

Total Program Credits: 71 (74 with thesis)

In addition to the above courses, applicants for the master of science degree in speech-language pathology must show transcript evidence of at least one course (with a passing grade) in each of: biological sciences, physical sciences, social/behavioral sciences, and statistics.