Pacific Philharmonic Orchestra

Pacific Philharmonic Orchestra is a full symphony orchestra that plays symphony orchestra literature from pre-classical to contemporary eras.

Participation in Pacific Philharmonic Orchestra is open to all Pacific University students who play musical instruments at the level needed for this ensemble.

Orchestra in Concert


Pacific Philharmonic Orchestra course is designed to prepare students to successfully perform advanced symphony orchestra literature.

Students participate in weekly three-hour long rehearsals and perform at the end of the semester. In rehearsals, students develop their playing and listening skills while also expanding their knowledge and understanding of music as an art playing bass

  • To gain playing competencies needed for successful participation in this course, students receive warm-up exercises and explicit instruction on how to gain needed playing skills. Students are required to practice on a daily basis.
  • To gain musicianship competencies necessary for participation in this course, students receive instruction related to the historical aspects of pieces they are performing as well as short reading assignments.
  • To broaden their musical taste, students are exposed to new ways of presenting music including the Reaching Out approach, as well as insights from guest conductors.


Contact Us

Dr. Dijana Ihas | Director of Orchestral Activities | 503-352-2102

Department of Music | Pacific University 
2043 College Way 
Forest Grove, Oregon 97116