Learning Outcomes | Music

After Pacific | Many graduates of the bachelor of arts in music program enroll in Pacific’s master of arts in teaching program to pursue their master’s degree in music education, while others attend graduate programs in music or pursue careers in related professions.

Student Learning Outcomes

The Music Department at Pacific University seeks to prepare students:

  • For lifelong interest, participation and enjoyment in music
  • To become informed audience members (intelligent listeners and evaluators) of music and musical performances
  • To be functionally literate in the language of music-reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • To pursue active music-making, both vocally and instrumentally
  • To create their own music
  • To discover relationships between music, the other arts and disciplines other than the arts
  • To broaden and deepen their understanding of the music of our cultural heritage
  • To increase their appreciation of musical systems and traditions of cultures other than our own
  • To become more proficient in the music technologies appropriate to their areas of musical interest
  • To prepare for careers in elementary and secondary music education
  • To pursue rigorous and dedicated activity as performers specializing in voice or piano
  • To prepare for graduate study in music composition, music education or performance

Program Purpose

The Music Department seeks to educate students in the diverse fields of music through a combination of academic and performance experiences designed to allow the participants to experience the breadth and depth of the art form. Participation in performance opportunities is open to all students on campus regardless of their major or minor, in both individual and group (ensemble) instruction. Exploration of literature from a tremendous variety of historical periods, cultures, languages and stylistic periods is available through ensemble participation. As music is a shared experience, music making at Pacific also provides opportunities for students to reach out to the community beyond our campus.

Students in the music degree programs also learn the theoretical, historical and cultural background behind the creation of music, the teaching of music and the application of music in relation to a variety of contexts. As such, the department seeks to serve those students wishing to pursue music as a career upon graduation by offering degrees in music education, music therapy and music performance. The Music Department is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM).