Language Core Requirement

Students must complete a 102-level language course or higher or demonstrate equivalent proficiency

Languages available at Pacific are ASL, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. If you are starting a new language or are placed into Level 1 (below) then you need to take the 101-level and 102-level to complete the language requirement.  If you place above the 101-level, then you must take a class at the level you were placed at.

Students may transfer in other modern languages. Please check with the Advising Center if considering another modern language for transfer.  For any transfer language class be sure to verify the correct level (for example at a quarter school the level needs to be 103 or higher).

Upon completion of this requirement students will be able to:

  • participate in conversations on familiar topics, asking and answering questions and sharing information in the language studied.
  • identify the main ideas and some details from a variety of simple texts.
  • communicate information and express their own thoughts about topics related to everyday life using connected sentences.
  • compare and reflect critically on values, behaviors and perspectives related to the cultures studied and their own.

Language Placements

Students with prior high school study or experience in a language need to take a Language Placement Test to assess what language level they should start at.  College level coursework in a language can also establish a placement level.  A student with no prior study or experience in a language is at Level 1.

Placement Level Placement Test Score Course Placement
Level 1 0, 1, 1* 101
Level 2 2, 2*, 3 102
Level 3 3*, 4 201
Level 4 4*, 5 202
Level 5 5* and higher 202 or 300-level

Students who feel they placed too high must try the class at the placement level and then talk with the Professor for the class at during the add/drop period about lowering levels.

Equivalent Language Proficiency

The Language Placement Test does not establish language proficiency. There are multiple options to demonstrate equivalent Language Proficiency.