PhD in Clinical Psychology Faculty

Associate Professor | Director of Forensic Emphasis, PsyD Program

Dr. Bobadilla will be taking only PhD students for the '22-'23 acdemic year.

Dr. Bobadilla's interests include assessment of physical and sexual violence risk, treatment of sex offenders, relationship between psychopathy, narcissism, borderline personality traits and interpersonal aggression including sexual violence, ntegrating neurobiological markers (e.g., skin conductance, hormonal activity) with clinical measures for violence risk and clinical assessment, developmental trajectory and gender differences in the manifestation of psychopathy.

Associate Professor | Research Faculty
Dr. Bowen will NOT be considering applications for Fall 2022.

Dr. Bowen's clinical and research interests center on integrating mindfulness-based approaches and behaviorist understandings of clinical change to treat addictive and impulsive behaviors. She works with dually diagnosed adults, incarcerated individuals and first responder populations.​

Assistant Professor
Dr. Bower will be considering applications for graduate students for this Fall.

Dr. Emily Bower received her PhD from the SDSU/UC San Diego Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Bower’s research and clinical focus is in geriatric mental health with specializations in late-life suicide prevention, the assessment and treatment of late-life anxiety (including Fear of Falling), and Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. The overarching goal of her research is to examine how we adjust to functional changes (cognitive, physical, social) as we age and to leverage that information to develop or adapt behavioral interventions to promote mental health and prevent injury among older adults.

Professor | Director of Clinical Training
Dr. Christopher will be considering applications for graduate students for this Fall.

Dr. Christopher received his PhD in clinical psychology from the University of South Dakota and completed his doctoral internship at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School. His primary clinical research interest is in optimizing integrated mindfulness and resilience training to improve stress resilience and health outcomes among high-risk and marginalized groups. He is also interested in multimodal, culturally relevant measurement of mindfulness.

Associate Professor
Dr. Jacova will be considering applications for graduate students for this Fall.

Dr. Claudia Jacova Chenoweth received her PhD from the University of British Columbia. Dr. Jacova’s research interests have traditionally focused on early cognitive and neuroimaging manifestations of neurodegenerative dementias. She has recently developed interest in the impact of neurodevelopmental disorders on cognitive function in late life, and in novel person-centered approaches to assessment, with a focus on subjective perceptions of cognition and dementia worry.

Associate Professor
Dr. Lafavor will not be considering applications for graduate students for this Fall.

Theresa Lafavor, PhD, LP, received her doctorate in Developmental Psychopathology and Clinical Science at the University of Minnesota in 2012.  She completed her predoctoral internship and postdoctoral fellowship in Pediatric Neuropsychology at the University of Minnesota Medical School. Dr. Lafavor joined the Clinical Psychology PhD faculty in the School of Graduate Psychology in 2014. Her program of research examines the effect of risk and adversity on development across the lifespan. Specifically, she works to identify protective factors to improve functioning and promote resilience in vulnerable, marginalized, and underrepresented children, parents, and families. Dr. Lafavor has examined resilience in the context of acute, natural disasters including Hurricane Katrina, as well as in chronic conditions including poverty and homelessness. Dr. Lafavor uses neuropsychological assessment to examine the brain-behavior relationship across levels of functioning and informants in her research and clinical practice.

Professor | Program Director
Dr. Vik will be considering applications for graduate students for this Fall.

Dr. Peter Vik completed his PhD at the University of Colorado, Boulder. His research interests follow two lines: Assessment of visual spatial memory, and factors contributing to alcohol use and abuse in young adults.