Faculty | PhD in Clinical Psychology

Associate Professor

Sarah Bowen, PhD is an Associate Professor in the PhD Clinical Psychology Program. Her clinical and research interests center on integrating mindfulness-based approaches and behaviorist understandings of clinical change to treat addictive and impulsive behaviors. She works with dually diagnosed adults, incarcerated individuals and first responder populations.​

Professor | PhD Director of Clinical Training

Michael Christopher, PhD has a long-standing research interest in the science and practice of mindfulness meditation and related contemplative experiences. More recently, he developed an interest in mindfulness training as a method to enhance stress resilience and health. The lab is currently studying Mindfulness-Based Resilience Training (MBRT) feasibility, mechanisms, and biological, behavioral, and psychological outcomes among first responders.

Associate Professor

Claudia Jacova's research interests include aging, cognitive impairment and dementia.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Lafavor’s clinical and research interests focus on processes of resilience and positive adaptation in the context of risk and adversity. Dr. Lafavor works extensively across acute and chronic adverse contexts including natural disasters, poverty, homelessness and residential mobility, trauma and abuse, and chronic disease and disorder. She specializes in community-based research with underserved, marginalized, and extremely vulnerable populations with the goal of promoting competence within individuals and communities.

Professor | Director of PhD Clinical Program

Peter Vik is interested in looking into the alcohol and other drug use among students enrolled in health profession programs.