Behavioral Health and Aging Research Lab Members

The Behavioral Health and Aging Research Lab is part of the Pacific University School of Graduate Psychology. Under the supervision of principal investigator and faculty member Emily Bower, students in the PhD in clinical psychology program conduct research around mental health and wellbeing across the lifespan.

Emily Bower | Principal Investigator

Dr. Emily Bower, Behavioral Health and Aging Research LabAs a clinical psychologist and geriatric behavioral health researcher, much of my work is focused on exploring the many ways that people adjust to functional changes — including physical, cognitive, emotional, and social function — following an injury, illness or significant life transition.  I am particularly interested in how these adaptive processes work in later life and in the context of anxiety, depression, and dementia. 

Research shows that most older adults report feeling more satisfied with life and tend to be more resilient to adversity than younger adults. With that in mind, I started the Behavioral Health and Aging Research Lab to leverage what we’ve learned about how people adapt to functional changes as they age to develop interventions that are responsive to the unique needs and strengths of older adults, and to promote well-being across the lifespan. 

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and I’m honored to be back working with and learning from the community that helped raise me. Outside of work, you can find me enjoying a shared meal or exploring Oregon with my family, and probably indulging my sweet tooth! 

Taylor Loskot

Taylor Loskot | PhD Student 

Psychology BA - University of California Berkeley | Research - Standford; National Center for PTSD

Research Interests: I am interested in social relationships and activities in late life, namely intervention adaptation and implementation among culturally diverse older adults to increase feelings of social connectedness. I am working towards Spanish fluency and Latiné cultural competence in an effort to better conduct informed research and practice. 
Talk to me about: feminism, dogs, gardening, reality TV, travel

FatemaFatema Colombowala  | PhD Student

Psychology BA - University of Maryland, Baltimore County | Research - Johns Hopkins, School of Medicine

Research interests: I am interested in aging anxiety in middle aged adults. I am interested to look at the effects it can have, such as depression, anxiety, etc., on individuals. I am also curious to see how social relationships as well as mindfulness based techniques can play a role in preventing aging anxiety. 
Talk to me about: tiktok trends/dances (yes, I'l do them with you!) travel, coffee, and instagram-y places

Melissa Zammitti | PhD Student

Human Development BA - Cornell University | Research - Lifespan and Rhode Island Hospital affiliated with Brown University

Research interests: Topics surrounding older adults, neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, and risk factors for age-related cognitive impairment. I’d like to explore strategies to promote healthy brain aging and cognition-related psychosocial factors in older adults. 
Talk to me about: Running, pickleball, gender equality, and exploring low-key destinations

Cameron Evans

Cameron Evans | PhD Student

English BA - Vassar College

Research interests: I am interested in how we change, and how psychotherapy and mindfulness practice can facilitate and support behavior change. More specifically, I’m curious about moderators (e.g., self-efficacy) and mechanisms of behavior change (MOBC) in MBI participation (Mindfulness-Based Interventions)
Talk to me about: homemade salad dressing recipes, caffeine pills as a life hack & my two girls (6 months & 3)

Aurora Newman | PhD Student

Research - Portland VA

Research interests: treatment outcomes for high stress populations using alternative and complementary interventions through a Self Determination lens
Talk to me about: boxing and sloth videos

Jacqueline Mai | PhD Student

Research interests: Suicide prevention, trauma interventions, psychotherapy process


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