Graduate/Professional Student Support

Our office is a great resource for graduate and professional students who need some additional advice or support as they navigate through their program. We are always happy to answer general questions to ease your navigation of the university. During difficult times, we connect students to the most appropriate resources based on their current needs.

Support at Pacific
Report concerns about personal safety, sexual misconduct, harassment, bias or other matters.

Care Report
Report concerns about a student (academic, mental health, social/emotional)

These skills and strategies may include:

  • Time Management
  • Study Skills
  • Test Taking
  • Conflict Management
  • Health and Wellness Strategies

Many times, students need specific questions answered and aren't sure where to begin.  We act as a liaison between students and university offices. We partner with faculty, programs administrators, and other offices within the university to answer these questions. Student challenges can be unpredictable and ongoing; thus we invest in our relationships with students to establish a continuous community of support.

Did You Know?

Services for students have been expanded at the Hillsboro Campus! The following offices provide business hours on the Hillsboro campus:

Tuality Professional Plaza has a student lounge for all graduate and professional students to utilize.

Contact Us

Justin Li | Student Support Manager | 503-352-2078

Sara Pitkanen | Student Support Specialist for Optometry, MAT, and CSD | 503-352-2109