Parking | Forest Grove Campus

Parking is available in designated lots on campus and on the city streets around campus.

Students, staff and faculty must register their vehicles to obtain a parking permit. Student parking permits are $50, plus $10 for an additional vehicle. Parking permits are valid January to December and must be renewed each year. Parking Permit Applications (pdf) may be filed at the Pacific Information Center, or PIC. You will need your license plate number, as well as the make, model, year and color of your car.

Special overnight permits are available for visitors and overnight parking. Visit the Pacific Information Center or Campus Public Safety to obtain a temporary parking permit.

Please follow all posted parking regulations in campus lots and city streets. Parking regulations on surrounding streets are enforced by Forest Grove Police. See the campus map (pdf) for details of on-campus parking. On-campus regulations are enforced by Campus Public Safety. On-campus citations may be appealed with the Parking Ticket Appeal Form (pdf) at the PIC or Student Life.