Parking | Forest Grove Campus

Parking is available in designated lots on campus and on the city streets around campus.

Forest Grove Parking Permits

Students, staff and faculty must register their vehicles to obtain a parking permit. Starting in July 2023, Forest Grove parking permit terms are transitioning from the calendar year (January to December) to the academic year (July to June). Permits must be renewed each academic year. The Student Affairs Front Desk manages Forest Grove parking permit applications.

Forest Grove Parking Permit Fees

Parking permit fees are charged to students’ university accounts. Costs for student parking permits are as follows:

  • $100 for a parking permit, permit renewal, or replacement parking permit
  • For the 23-24 academic year only: if a returning student has a permit with a yellow “Valid 2023” sticker, this permit will remain valid through December 2023. Students extending their parking permit through the full academic year will pay $50 and will receive a 23-24 parking sticker.

Complete the Forest Grove Parking Registration Form to request a new parking permit, replace a lost parking permit, renew an active parking permit, or just update your information (e.g. purchased a new car, permanent license plates arrived, moved to a new address, etc.)

New permits for new undergraduate students will be distributed at new student Orientation. All other permits will be mailed to UC Boxes as follows:

  • Undergraduate students: personal UC Box
  • Graduate students: program UC Box
  • Staff and faculty: department UC Box

Please allow 2 weeks for processing.

Students are only allowed to have one active parking permit at a time. Faculty and staff may have up to two active parking permits.

Temporary Parking Passes for Guests

Pacific University students, faculty, or staff members hosting guests for short-term visits or events can submit the Temporary Parking Pass Request Form.

  • Requests are reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis.
  • Guests will need to have a Pacific-affiliated host submit a request on their behalf.
  • Temporary parking pass requests should be placed at least one week prior to the date(s) for which they have been requested, and will be sent to the requestor electronically once approved.

Please follow all posted parking regulations in campus lots and city streets. Parking regulations on surrounding streets are enforced by Forest Grove Police. See the campus map (pdf) for details of on-campus parking. On-campus regulations are enforced by Campus Public Safety. On-campus citations may be appealed with the Parking Ticket Appeal Form (pdf) available at CPS.

Parking Over the Summer

Students in good academic and conduct standing with the university may park their vehicles in a university parking lot during the summer months.

Students not living in Summer Housing, but who are enrolled for classes in Fall, must send an email to and include the following information:

• Make, model and color of vehicle
• License plate number
• Pacific University Parking Permit number
• Date you are leaving the vehicle
• Date you are picking up the vehicle
• Your emergency contact information (mobile phone number, email address)
• Contact information of a local person that you are leaving your vehicle keys with in case the vehicle needs to be moved
• If you cannot find a local person to leave your keys with and you have followed the steps listed above and have a confirmed receipt, you can make arrangements with CPS to hold onto the keys.

Following Campus Public Safety's confirmed receipt of this information, students may park their vehicles in the center parking stalls of K-Lot starting from the large light pole towards Main Street. The linked map has the parking boxed in yellow.

Please note that if you choose to use a vehicle cover, more times than not they will blow off before your return and will become a hazard. We do not recommend that you use a vehicle cover and if you do so Pacific University is not liable for damage it may cause or the loss of the cover altogether.

Students who have registered and been approved for Summer Housing must park in either E-Lot or K-Lot, which are two of the normal overnight parking lots. Student residents are not authorized to park their vehicles overnight in any other lot.

Failure to follow this procedure will incur a $100 fine.