Inclement Weather Pay

If the university is officially closed, employees who are scheduled to work that day will be compensated for lost time at their regular rate from the time of closure.  

  • Employees who are able to work remotely are requested to do so. 
  • Supervisors with hourly employees who are unable to work can request inclement weather hours to be added to timecards for missed hours that were scheduled by emailing HR.
  • If an employee previously had scheduled vacation, sick leave, or do not typically work the hours of the closure, they will not be compensated and timecard pay codes should not be altered.

In some cases it may be impossible for employees to report to work even though the university is officially open. In no case, should employees put themselves in danger to get to campus. Employees unable to work under these circumstances should record the time as vacation, floating holiday, or sick pay. The use of sick time can also be used if a child's place of care is closed by order of a public health official due to a public health emergency.