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Academic and Career Advising and Human Resources work together to help facilitate inspirational work experiences that support students on their journeys to think, care, create, and pursue justice in our world. The following information is a brief overview of basic processes to help students create streamlined, enriching employment experiences.

Student Employment Designations

There are two types of student employment at Pacific University.

  • Federal Work-Study (FWS): The Federal Work-Study program provides part-time job funds for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses. The program encourages community service work and work related to the student's course of study. Only students with a Federal Work-Study award may work FWS jobs.
  • Non Work-Study (NWS): The Non Work-Study program exists alongside the FWS program and provides part-time jobs for undergraduate and graduate students without the assessment of financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses. Non Work-Study jobs are paid through the hiring Department’s budget. Any student may apply for and work NWS jobs.

Find a Pacific University Student Employment Position

 There are a few different ways to seek university-related student employment.

Career Fair | Academic and Career Advising hosts Work and Service Fairs during the school year that feature Work-Study, Non Work-Study, and other employment opportunities. These fairs bring together local businesses, community service agencies, and campus departments searching for student employees. 

Word Of Mouth | Be proactive. Seek out and chat with the Faculty and Staff members in the Departments that interest you. Reach out to people in the campus organizations that appeal to you. There are student employment opportunities throughout campus. From helping with performing arts productions to working at B Street Farm, building relationships can help you find the right job to earn money and amazing experiences.

Paycom | Students may search and apply for Federal Work-Study and Non Work-Study jobs at All employment applications must be submitted through the university’s online payroll system, Paycom, and all students on the Pacific University payroll must have a Paycom account.

Apply for a Pacific University Student Employment Position

To apply for a student employment position, you must create a profile on the university’s payroll system, Paycom. Please do not create more than one profile. You may apply for all positions from your one Paycom profile. 

New students who receive Federal Work-Study funds should be prepared to upload their Federal Work-Study certificate when applying for FWS positions on Paycom. 

Student Employment Hiring Process

  1. After your application is submitted via Paycom, if you are chosen for an interview, the department will contact you via email. Be sure to check your inbox. 
  2. If you obtain a position and have worked for Pacific University in the previous year, your tax information will be automatically populated in Paycom. If your tax information is not available in your profile from a previous year or you’d like to adjust your tax information, it may be updated in Paycom. If you are a student who has not worked for Pacific University in the past, a new Paycom employee profile must be created for you. Please be aware that after your supervisor alerts Human Resources of your hire, it can take up to 5 business days for you to be setup with a new employee account and/or connected to a new position in the Paycom system. 
  3. Your New Hire Checklist is not complete and you may not work until your I-9 documents have been verified by a university representative and your Tax Setup (W-4) information is submitted in Paycom. When you have completed your portion of the I-9 item in your checklist, please contact Human Resources to setup an appointment for identification document verification. Students who are asked to work prior to this process completion should contact

Key Student Employment Requirements

  • I-9 Documents: Students should not begin work until their I-9 identification verification documents have been verified by a university representative. Some supervisors and most Department administrative assistants are able to verify I-9 documents and facilitate the necessary E-verify requirements. All new employees must provide original I-9 identification verification documents. Copies are not accepted.
  • Tax Setup (W-4) Information: The Tax Setup portion of a new hire Paycom checklist electronically populates a student employee's W-4 document. In order to fill out this information accurately, it's important for students to have knowledge of their Tax Withholding details. Human Resources cannot provide tax advice regarding these tax setup details. If students are unclear about Tax Withholding details, it is best for them to seek assistance from trusted family resources or a tax professional. 

Student Employment Payment Processes

Students are paid bi-weekly through the Pacific University payroll system and are responsible for accurately punching in and out when they work. Students can ensure that they are paid accurately and easily by immediately informing their supervisors of any mistakes or discrepancies on their timecards. During current pay periods, students may submit punch change requests to correct punch mistakes. Students may ask their supervisors or consult Paycom training tools for time care change instructions.

Student employees are encouraged to use Direct Deposit, or they may opt to receive a paper check. Direct Deposit information may be submitted through Paycom in the Employee Self-Service section. All students can also access their pay statements through Paycom Employee Self-Service.

Student payments are issued bi-weekly - following the submission of the previous pay period’s hours.

  • Direct Deposit - Students may submit Direct Deposit information through Paycom Employee Self-Service and are encouraged to input Direct Deposit information from an electronic statement to ensure the accuracy of account submission details.
  • Paper Check - All paper paychecks will be mailed to the address present in the Paycom system on the day that payroll is processed. All employees who do not already utilize direct deposit are encouraged to add direct deposit information to their Paycom accounts or confirm the accuracy of their address on file in Paycom.

Student Employment Scheduling at Pacific University

During a student's academic year, the student may work up to 20 hours per week. Students cannot work during scheduled class times. Work schedules are to be negotiated between the student and supervisor. The length of time a student can work per shift is a function of the department budget amount and weekly schedule. Outside of the student’s academic year, students may work up to 29 hours per work.

The work week hour maximum applies to all student work positions combined. If a student has one job during the academic year, that student may only work 20 hours per week at that one job. If a student has more than one job during the academic year, the student may only work 20 hours per week TOTAL between all the jobs. 

Student Employee Time Card Approval

Student employees who work hourly positions and utilize a Paycom time card to clock in and out should take steps to approve their time cards before their supervisor's timecard approval deadline. The supervisor's time card approval deadline is the Monday before pay day at 10 am. It may be helpful for students to simply approve specific days on their time cards as they work them. This heightens oversight and reduces the potential for errors.

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