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Pacific University offers medical/prescription coverage and a dental plan through Regence. Find pertinent plan information below.

Nonstop Health Information

The Nonstop Health program is wrapped with employees' Regence and Kaiser medical plans. Nonstop Health allows Pacific University to fund a portion of employees’ out-of-pocket expenses (e.g. deductibles, copays and coinsurance) by providing employees with a Visa card to pay for in-network, carrier-approved medical expenses.

Nonstop Health also has a new mobile app for easy account tracking and claim submission! The Nonstop Health Mobile app is now available for download to your favorite iOS or Android device. It allows you to file and view claims, browse pertinent documentation, and keep tabs on the balance on your Nonstop Health Visa card, among many other features. Even better, this is a living app that will continue to evolve and add new features over time, ensuring it stays useful for the long run. 

To download the Nonstop Health mobile app, please visit the Android or iOS app store. Nonstop Health has also created a user guide and FAQ document that provides more details on how to use the Nonstop Health mobile app. If you have further questions about the app or need additional assistance, please email

For more information about Nonstop Health, please visit the Mental, Dental, and Vision benefits overview webpage.


MedSavvy is available to all Pacific University employees. The service gives you all the information you need to know about how well medications work, how much they cost, what the side effects are, where you can buy them, and more. All information comes from a team of specially-trained, licensed pharmacists so you know it is information you can trust to help you find a medication that is right for you and your loved ones.

Did you know medication cost can vary by pharmacy? That means you may be able to save money on your medications simply by going to a different pharmacy for fulfillment. With MedSavvy’s Savvy Pharmacy Shopper, you can search for your medication at nearby pharmacies and see what you’ll pay, so you can find the right pharmacy for you. 

Watch a Quick, Informative Video About MedSavvy | MedSavvy Website | Get Access Details

MedSavvy Memo - Seasonal Allergies - March 2021


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