1099 Independent Contractor Access

1099 Independent Contractor Access to Online Services

Pacific University's Office of People & Culture in conjunction with the Business Office coordinates the payments to 1099 Independent Contractors through Accounts Payable and online services such as PUNet ID generation, Colleague, Moodle, Boxer Online, etc. are processed by the Office of People & Culture.  

Information on how to request a 1099 Independent Contractor Sponsored Account are provided below.  Once a Colleague Account number is generated for a contracted individual, their unique Colleague Account number MUST appear on all correspondence related to the contractor individual, i.e. invoices, agreements, timecards, and all email correspondence regarding the contractor sent to the Office of People & Culture or the Business Office.

Request Account Setup

The following information is required to setup online services for a contracted individual:  demographic information for the contracted individual, company/agency title, confirmation of a background check conducted by the agency, start and end dates of contracted services, title, department, contractor type (staff or faculty access), office location, service agreement, W-9 and Certificate of Insurance.


An independent contractor cannot begin working until a successful background check has been completed.  The Office of People & Culture can assist with the background check if the agency does not provide one.

1099 Payee Online Services Access Form 


There are two different pathways to grant contracted individuals’ online services access and depends if the 1099 payee has had an employment Colleague Account previously.


Once the setup is complete, the Office of People & Culture will email the supervisor that the setup is complete.  Depending on which pathway was used for the setup, the supervisor may have additional steps, i.e. to contact the Registrar's Office if the 1099 payee will need to have Boxer Online Access, and these steps will be outlined in the email from the Office of People & Culture.