Supervisor Resources

Pacific University Registered States for Employee Hires

Pacific University is registered for W-2 employee hires and/or remote employees from this list of registered states, and as approved by the supervisor and Human Resources.  If a candidate or remote employee will work in a state that is not listed, please contact before an offer is made to determine next steps.

Filling a Vacant Position

  1. Create a Position Description
  2. Request a Compensation Confirmation
  3. Review Budget
  4. Create a Rubric for Recruiting
  5. File a Requisition
  6. Create an Interview Committee
  7. Ensure Training for Committee Members
  8. Sort Candidates
  9. Phone Screen
  10. Create Interview Questions 
    1. Question Bank 
  11. Interview Best Practices
  12. Reference Checks
  13. Job Offer
  14. Personnel Action Form (PAF) for Faculty & Staff
  15. Close the Job

New Employee On-boarding


Performance Management

End of Employment 

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