Adelle Monteblanco, PhD

Assistant Professor, Public Health
Areas I Teach 

Course Information

PH 200 | Epidemiology

PH 320 | Environmental Health

PH 380 | Public Health Field Experience

PH 491/492 | Senior Capstone

Areas of Research

My primary research interest is in inequality, particularly at the critical nexus of health, gender, and the environment. I hone in on this intersection through hazards and disaster studies. Currently I study extreme heat, examining its health impacts on vulnerable populations, such as pregnant people and youth. My work on extreme heat aims to contribute healthier, more sustainable, and resilient communities. While disasters and extreme heat are my main areas of research, I have also studied innovative and high-impact teaching methods that engage student learning.


PhD in Sociology, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO in 2016

Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science, Regis University, Denver, CO in 2007

Published Works (selected)

Monteblanco, A. D. (2021). The COVID-19 pandemic: A focusing event to promote community midwifery policies in the United States. Social Sciences & Humanities Open3(1), 100104.

Monteblanco, A. D., Vanos, J. K., LeRoy, S., Juarez, P. M., & Garfin, G. M. (2021). An evaluation of a maternal health and extreme heat exposure training. Journal of Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences15(1), 31-42.

Monteblanco, A. D., & Moya, E. M. (2021). Photovoice: Integrating Course-Based Research in Undergraduate and Graduate Social Work Education. The British Journal of Social Work51(2), 712-732.

Leyser-Whalen, O., Zareei Chaleshtori, S., & Monteblanco, A. (2020). Another disaster: Access to abortion after Hurricane Harvey. Health care for women international41(10), 1111-1127.

Monteblanco, A. D., & Vanos, J. K. (2021). Community-based maternal health workers’ perspectives on heat risk and safety: A pilot qualitative study. Health Care for Women International42(4-6), 657-677.

Monteblanco, A. D. (2020). Power dynamics, common pitfalls, and successful strategies associated with co-teaching. College Teaching69(2), 63-68.

Monteblanco, A. D., & Leyser-Whalen, O. (2019). Thinking Outside of the Hospital and Nurse-Midwife Paradigms: A Qualitative Examination of Midwifery in Times of Natural Disasters. International Journal of Mass Emergencies & Disasters37(2).

Monteblanco, A. D. (2018). Midwives on the margins: Stigma management among out-of-hospital midwives. Deviant Behavior, 1-18.



Members of the Reproductive Justice Action Team Standing Next To Washington County Public Health Sign

Pacific's Reproductive Justice Action Team is recognized with an award from the Washington County Department of Health and Human Services for its efforts to educate the campus community on health issues.

Adelle Monteblanco

The Pacific University assistant professor is the only academic honoree on Portland Business Journal’s honor roll of influential professionals

Kylie Hepler '25 marks her car as a street scientist

Students participated in a tri-county data collection effort that aims to identify "hot zones" and support vulnerable communities who are especially at risk from extreme temperatures.

Public Health Assistant Professor Adelle Monteblanco 

Public Health Assistant Professor Adelle Monteblanco has been recognized as one of 15 Emerging Scholars-nationally for 2023 in Diverse Issues In Higher Education. Learn more about her research, which focuses on inequality as it pertains to extreme heat and examining its health impacts on vulnerable populations.