Photograph of Professor Bove.

Alexander Bove, PhD

Associate Professor & Department Chair
(503) 352-2010
UC Box 
Bates House 14

Professor Bove received his Ph.D. from Boston University in 2007 and specializes in Victorian literature and culture, British Romanticism, critical theory, and film theory. He teaches a range of courses from Romantic and Victorian literature to critical theory, film theory, gender and sexuality studies, and studies in the novel. His publications, on topics ranging from Charles Dickens to film theory and gender studies, appear in various journals including ELH: English Literary HistoryMediations: Journal of the Marxist Literary Group, and LFQ Literature Film Quarterly. His book on Dickens, psychoanalytic literary theory, and characterization is forthcoming on Manchester University Press.


ENGW 180 Writing & Research
ENGL 255/355 Oscar Wilde’s World   
ENGL 421 The Romantic Period
ENGL 422 The Victorian Era
ENGL 343 Studies in Criticism and Theory
ENGL 255/355 Postmodernism in Film and Lit
ENGL 430 Major Authors: Charles Dickens
ENGL 430 Major Authors: 19th C British Novel
ENGL 255/355 Crime and Mystery Film/Lit
ENGL 232 British Literature

Selected Publications:


Spectral Dickens: The uncanny forms of novelistic characterisation. Forthcoming from Manchester University Press.


What Happens When the Replicants Become Extimate? On the Uncanny Cut of the Capitalocene in Blade Runner2049.” (forthcoming on Palgrave).

Journal Articles:

“Gender (de)Constructions and ‘Disjunctive Montage’: Narrative Telos and Filmic Play from Dickens’ David Copperfield to Neil Jordan’s Breakfast on Pluto.” LFQ: Literature/ Film Quarterly vol.46, no. 1 (Winter 2018).

“‘Why does the other want to destroy me?’: The Face of the Other, the Death Drive, and $urplus Jouissance in the Time of Late Capitalism.” Mediations 29.1 (Fall 2015) 101-121.

“‘The Unbearable Realism of a Dream’: On the Subject of Portraits in Austen and Dickens.” ELH: English Literary History 74.3 (Fall 2007).


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