Yasutaka Maruki

Yasutaka Maruki, PhD

Associate Professor
UC Box 
World Languages Center 103 (Forest Grove)

Course Information

At Pacific University, all faculty teach a variety of different courses. Typically, we do not use graduate teaching assistants, which means that your classes will be taught by professors and that you will have plenty of opportunities to get to know the faculty in your discipline.

Below I have listed some of the courses that I teach. We are always developing and trying out new classes, so the list may change now and then.

Introduction to Japanese Language & Culture

Intermediate Japanese;

Communicating in Japanese;

Selected Issues in Japanese Press;

Seminar in Japanese;

Traditional Theater in China, Korea, and Japan;

Japanese Literature in Translation;

Travel Course: Sado Island (Noh and Taiko workshops, Studies of Zeami and Nichiren)



Ph.D. University of Connecticut, Storrs, 2006. (Comparative Literary & Cultural Studies)


Research Interests

Contemporary Noh Plays, Pedagogy of Teaching Japanese Language, Japan-U.S. Relations in the late 19th century


Research Works

“Poetry of Community Engagement: Tsumura Reijiro’s Noh in Sado Island”
Work in Progress

(Performance Review) “Double Nora: Noh Adaptation of A Doll’s House”
Asian Theatre Journal, 31 (2) 2014,

“Nose Sakae’s Study Abroad: Idealization and Devaluation of American Education During Japan’s Early Meiji Era”
Oregon Historical Quarterly, 115 (1) 2014, 

(Translation) “Photography, Dance, and Noh Theatre” by Tsumura Reijiro in Passi di bellezza:
Beauty in Steps by Gloria Chiappani Rodichevski and Felix Aarts Rome: Romano Editore, September 2011

Bugen: Dancing Illusion of Noh. Tokyo: Being Net Press, November 2010
Co-Authored with Tsumura Reijiro, Morita Toshiro, Hayashi Nozomu, and Noda Hideki

“A fusion of drama and religion: A study of Mugen Noh in Thomas Becket”
Studies in Theatre & Performance, 30 (2) 2010


About Me

On the weekends, I spend a lot of time on the deck of the swimming pool as a stroke & turn official or as a cheerer of my kids.