Study at least two languages as well as complementary upper-division courses.

Develop a high level of proficiency in comprehension, speaking, reading and writing. Students choose a concentration in French, German, Japanese or Spanish and a secondary language of French, German, Japanese, Spanish or Chinese.

Study Abroad

Study abroad for at least one semester in a country where your primary language of interest is spoken. Mentor students in beginning-level language courses and practice language skills with a native-speaking language assistant who lives on campus. Learn more about study abroad opportunities at Pacific.

Dual Languages was previously named the Modern Languages major.


A Pacific student communicates with an international neighbor on a computer in the Center for Languages and International Collaboration
The Pacific University Center for Languages and International Collaboration, or CLIC, promotes the development of global-ready graduates who can communicate effectively across difference. More than ever, college graduates must be ready to work and live in a global environment — not only to speak with their global neighbors, but to communicate with them effectively. Language education is about more than memorizing vocabulary — it’s about embracing diversity and difference. Through the CLIC, Pacific students engage with people around the world.