Build the knowledge and skills needed to communicate and work effectively in a global society.

In addition to examining the theories and practices of international relations and affairs, students engage in multidisciplinary study to gain an appreciation for the politics, history, economy, language, and culture of a particular region of the world.

At Pacific University, you can approach international studies in the traditional way — by focusing on the study of political science and economics — or adapt the program as a way to “internationalize” any degree.

Study Abroad

All international studies students study abroad for at least one semester and study at least one foreign language.

Do you want to study theater in Japan? Math education in Hungary? Exercise science in England? Public health in Switzerland? The international studies major at Pacific will give you the immersive intercultural benefits of second-language study and study abroad and the foundations of a truly interdisciplinary education.


A Pacific student communicates with an international neighbor on a computer in the Center for Languages and International Collaboration
The Pacific University Center for Languages and International Collaboration, or CLIC, promotes the development of global-ready graduates who can communicate effectively across difference. More than ever, college graduates must be ready to work and live in a global environment — not only to speak with their global neighbors, but to communicate with them effectively. Language education is about more than memorizing vocabulary — it’s about embracing diversity and difference. Through the CLIC, Pacific students engage with people around the world.