International Studies Student Learning Outcomes

After Pacific | International Studies graduates find rewarding and successful careers in such fields as law, diplomacy, education, health professions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and social justice organizations, international research, anthropology, and the globalized marketplace of business and economics— just to name a few of the vast applications of the degree program.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing Pacific University’s International Studies major will:

  • Demonstrate at least an intermediate-level competency in a second language (for most students at Pacific this means completing a 202-level language course).
  • Demonstrate interdisciplinary knowledge and critical thinking related to global issues, policies, processes and trends.
  • Clearly articulate, consider, and argue issues through the use of diverse frames of reference and engagement with concepts of cultural relativity.

Program Purpose

Students majoring in International Studies build the knowledge and skills needed to understand and work effectively in a global society. In addition to examining theories and practices of international relations and affairs, students engage in multi-disciplinary study in order to appreciate the politics, history, economy, language and culture of a particular region of the world.