Student Affairs

Mission, Vision and Values of Student Affairs


Pacific University’s Student Affairs fosters the holistic development of all students by supporting inclusion, engagement, well-being, and learning so that students may realize their personal potential.


The Division of Student Affairs will catalyze the development of students so that they can go forth and help build a more just, sustainable, and caring world.


  • Equity and Inclusion | At the core of our values is the pursuit of equity and inclusion at Pacific University. We challenge marginalizing policies and practices, looking both internally and externally to identify harm and create change. As lifelong learners, we commit to our individual growth on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, so that we may promote this learning with our students. We foster a strong respect of the dignity of all people through our words and our efforts, and commit to making just and equitable decisions.
  • Care | Essential to our work as educators, we care for students and their wellbeing. Our philosophy of care shows up in the way we advocate for students and provide services to help reduce the barriers students face. This culture of care facilitates the holistic development of students so that they may achieve their goals and pursue justice in the world. This caring approach is also visible in how we work with colleagues, leading with respect and integrity, and demonstrating congruence with our words and actions.
  • Community | Realizing that community is vital for a vibrant educational environment, we are committed to cultivating a sense of belonging and fellowship among Boxers. We do this by actively building connections with our students and our staff, and providing opportunities for those to do so among themselves. Underlying this is a strong belief that we can accomplish more together, and so we consistently work in partnership with our students and campus stakeholders. Being a part of a community helps us all feel as though we are a part of something greater than ourselves.
  • Learning and Development | We believe in the power of learning and development, both for students and ourselves. Valuing the lived experiences of students, we work to provide students opportunities for further growth and enrichment. Additionally, our division’s success is dependent upon having talented, knowledgeable employees and we recognize the importance of ongoing professional development for our team. This requires us to be open-minded, optimistic, and eager to embrace change. Through assessment and innovation, we discover effective and impactful ways to improve the delivery of our services.

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