Dining Services and Catering

Pacific University is proud to offer Bon Appetit Management Company as the university's independent dining service and catering contractor. Bon Appetit staff will work directly with your group to craft a menu to best suit your needs.

Dining Services

At Bon Appétit, our passion is creating community through food.

Our kitchen philosophy is simple. We cook from scratch using fresh, authentic ingredients. We start with food in its simplest, most natural form. We have no corporate recipes. Our freezers are small, and our deliveries of fresh, seasonal produce and whole foods are big. We care about our guests. We care about what you like, and we also care about your health. We know which cooking techniques preserve flavor and nutrition to produce healthy, delicious dishes. The flavors are vibrant, and they are authentic. Check out locations in Forest Grove and Hillsboro.

Bon Appétit is committed to providing fresh, sustainable, delicious food in a convenient and enjoyable setting. Check out locations in Forest Grove and Hillsboro.

Forest Grove & Hillsboro Markets

The markets, located in the Washburne University Center in Forest Grove and in Creighton Hall on the Hillsboro Campus, are a perfect spot to grab what you need when you need it. Start your morning with a yogurt parfait or a hearty breakfast sandwich. For lunch, enjoy an array of freshly made GO sandwiches, salads, protein snacks, and fresh fruit. Enjoy delicious local snacks and beverages available all day!

Coffee Shop

Our coffee shop is located in the Washburne University Center between the Forest Grove Market and the Bookstore.  

Bon Appetit Catering

Bon Appetit Catering blends a tradition of fine service with creative planning and consistent event execution. Catering specializes in creating unique menus featuring regional, seasonal, artisan-produced products. Our artful creativity and passion for fine, locally-grown food is a perfect complement to Pacific University's expectation of excellence. 

Alcohol Service

Pacific University and Bon Appetit comply with the regulations of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC). Those under 21 years of age may not consume alcohol under any circumstances. Bon Appetit holds the permit to serve beer and wine on the Pacific University campus.  No caterer or group other than Bon Appetit is permitted to serve alcohol on campus.

OLCC regulations require substantial food to be available at all times when alcohol is served.  Bon Appetit must serve food when providing alcohol at events. Opened alcohol containers cannot be removed from the event location.

Event organizers must submit an Alcohol Service Request Form for any event on campus where alcohol will be served. Please submit forms at least one month prior to the event.

External Catering 

External catering, or food service other than Bon Appetit, is not permitted on the top floor of the University Center.  This area includes the Boxer Pause, the UC Dinning Commons, and the entire UC Lounge.  External catering is permitted on the UC Patio.

If your group is serving food, in permitted food consumption areas, that is not prepared by Bon Appetit please consult the USDA 7 Food Safety Steps.  A request form is no longer required.  However, when serving or consuming outside food on campus please note that it is your group's responsibility the leave the room and tables clean and free from food waste.  Plan ahead to wipe down tables and remove food waste to either a hallway waste bin or outside waste receptacle.   If food is being prepared by someone other than a licensed catering professional, it is recommended that at least one group organizer supervising the event obtains a Food Handler's Card. This card can be obtained online.   


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