Pacific University Academic Regalia and Commencement Traditions

Discover the significance of Pacific University's academic regalia and other important commencement traditions.

Academic Procession

The academic procession has evolved through the years from the 12th century, when everyday university dress consisted of a long gown or robe often covered by a full-length cloak with a cowl. The cowl was the forerunner of today’s colorful hood, worn by faculty during the procession.

Academic Regalia

Since 1865, colleges and universities in the United States have followed a uniform code which specifies the correct type of regalia for each degree.

Cap and Gown

Wearing academic regalia is a custom with origins in the medieval European universities, where it was required as daily wear to serve as a reminder of a person’s role in the academic community. Most American colleges and universities have since adopted the cap, gown and hood to wear exclusively at particular ceremonies. Masters and doctors wear a hood lined with colors of the degree-granting institution, or lined with a color of an institution represented by the wearer. The hoods are trimmed in velvet with a color distinctive of the degree. Hoods of gowns at Pacific University are lined in black, with scarlet chevrons.

Academic Colors

Arts, Letters and Humanities | White
Athletic Training Sage | Green
Audiology | Spruce Green
Business Administration | Drab
Dental Hygiene Studies | Lilac
Education | Light Blue
Fine Arts | Brown
Healthcare Administration | Salmon
Occupational Therapy | Slate
Optometry | Seafoam Green
Pharmacy | Olive
Philosophy | Dark Blue
Physical Therapy | Teal
Physician Assistant Studies | Hunter Green
Psychology | Gold
Science | Golden Yellow
Social Science | Citron
Social Work | Citron
Speech-Language Pathology | Crimson
Vision Science | Seafoam Green

Gratitude Stole

The Gratitude Stole is a special way to thank someone who has helped and supported your college career. This could be family, friends or university members. The stole can be given to more than one person and also serves as a nice souvenir.

The stole is a red satin sash worn around the neck with the Pacific University seal embroidered in white on each end.

The stole is worn during the ceremony and then after the ceremony is taken off and presented to the person or people you are grateful for and would like to thank.