Alumna Independent, Inclusive Pharmacy Practice

Christina Garcia PharmD '13Christina Garcia PharmD ’13 is the co-founder of TIN Rx – California’s first independent, stigma-free pharmacy™ supporting the LGBTQ community. Garcia has worked as a leader with some of the nation’s best-known pharmacies, as she has a keen eye for identifying the needs of underserved populations and has succeeded in her roles as a pharmacist and leader by bridging the gap between patient needs and access to appropriate healthcare services. 

Prior to earning her PharmD from the Pacific University School of Pharmacy, Garcia acquired more than a decade’s worth of experience in small business and corporate management including strategy and venture capital acquisition. She held an executive-level role at Second-Look Media, Inc. as co-founder and CEO of an innovative digital media distribution company. Garcia’s diverse background and proven leadership brings new opportunities for improved and innovative patient care. 

Today, as the owner of several pharmacies, Garcia uses her expertise to spearhead and drive novel patient care approaches in community and specialty pharmacy. Through her work with Tin Rx, Garcia works every day to improve drug and service delivery in the LGBTQ and minority communities with HIV. In fact, TIN Rx was founded Garcia and her partner in life and business, Patricia J. (PJ) Nachman, who combined their decades of business and pharmaceutical expertise with their passion for LGBTQ community support and equality to create a truly unique experience for patients. 

However, Garcia and Nachman’s passion for supporting the LGBTQ community extends far beyond the pharmacy itself, as they have been avid supporters and helped behind the scenes to raise awareness of the passing of SB 159 in California – a bill which authorizes pharmacists to furnish pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP and PEP) without a physician prescription and prohibits insurance companies from requiring prior authorizations in order to obtain PrEP coverage.

Garcia’s vision for creating an inclusive, stigma-free pharmacy extends into the future as well, as her passion for technology is at the forefront of the TIN Rx patient experience. TIN Rx is the only independent pharmacy in California offering patients the convenience of an Automatic Drug Dispensing Machine (ADDS Machine) – a free-standing kiosk designed to simulate the pharmacy counter experience.

Building on its outstanding in-store and customer convenience experiences, TIN Rx also offers patients the option to have their prescriptions sent to them via a subscription box. Each month, TIN Rx will work with patients to have their prescriptions sent to them in a customized box. The independent pharmacy also works closely with all insurances and providers, as well as those without healthcare providers, to ensure that patients get the prescriptions and support they need. TIN Rx offers synchronization of all medication filled on the same day, every month, inside discreet packaging that is customized to each individual patient. 

Garcia’s passion to deliver the best care transcends many backgrounds, which helps to fuel her motivation for patient advocacy within the scope of pharmacy practice.

Monday, Jan. 20, 2020