Alumni Association Board Proposes Updates to Bylaws

The Pacific University Alumni Association Board of Representatives puts forward a proposed revision to the association's bylaws for review by its members. 

These proposed changes also return the Board to the structure held between 2005 and 2012 by removing the requirement that Alumni Board representatives must first serve on another chapter or committee working in support of Pacific University.

The proposed changes also correct errors in the 2019 version and use broader language to describe Alumni Association staff.

The current bylaws, approved in March 2019, can be found on the Alumni Association Board of Representatives web page

The revisions are available to review.

The Alumni Association Board of Representatives will discuss final edits and hold a final vote on proposed changes in the first meeting of the fiscal year. 

Members of the Alumni Association who wish to discuss these proposed changes may contact the Alumni Association staff at prior to June 30, 2023.

Monday, May 8, 2023