'Always Remember to Be a Role Model'

William Hedgepeth MAT '07William Hedgepeth MAT '07 was coaching football and basketball at Springfield High School in Oregon, when he realized he could grow the connection and guidance he offered student-athletes as a teacher.

“I saw and enjoyed the influence I had on the student-athletes,” he said.

He chose to pursue his master of arts in teaching through Pacific University’s Eugene Campus because it offered a quick and meaningful path to a teaching license.

“Pacific offered a great program which guided me to completing all the requirements to become a licensed Oregon teacher in a well organized, efficient manner,” Hedgepeth said.

Today, Hedgepeth is the mathematics subject facilitator for Internationella Engelska Skolan, a company that teaches English, science and math in English for more than 40 schools through Sweden, the United Kingdom and Spain.

He encourages future teachers to approach teaching with respect and openness. 

“If you show respect to the students, the students will help you build a solid efficient learning environment,” he said. “Help students turn into aspiring adults by praising their work ethic, persistence and dedication to improving their abilities and understanding, but never praise grades.

“You will be a huge part of every student’s academic and societal future, so always remember to be a role model!”

Monday, Aug. 23, 2021