Anti-Asian Racism | Episode 1 | Rising from the Margins

The Pacific University Student Counseling Center presents Rising from the Margins, an exploration of the COVID-19 pandemic through the lens of diversity and inclusion. 

In this inaugural episode of Rising from the Margins, we look at how people identifying as or perceived as Asian American Pacific Islanders have experienced an increase in hate-crime, violence and bullying. In this video, I apply a racial justice lens to better understand why this is an oppressive experience for the AAPI community and strategies to resist the hate.

Rising from the Margins is a weekly web series where Student Counseling Center Staff Psychologist and EDI Outreach Coordinator Dr. Shirley Ley holds space to support students in drawing on the wisdom of their experiences of living in the margins. 

The Rising from the Margins video series is available to Pacific University students and employees. Log in with your PUNetID to watch the videos.


Thursday, May 21, 2020