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MFA in Writing faculty member Marvin Bell on writers who teach.
MFA in Writing Faculty Member Marvin Bell on Poetry.
MFA Faculty Member Marvin Bell On Permission and Productivity 
Her hand tapped the microphone as she began to speak about the importance of hula to a culture where it is not commonly practiced. Her voice sang the words of her hula expressions, and her movements suggested the beauty that followed.
Meet the recipient of the 2014 Pacific University Alumni Awards
As a current student, I rarely look at Pacific University holistically.
Dawn (Kuhlmann) Harflinger ’96 finds meaning as director of investments for the Queen Lili’uokalani Trust.
We’ve recently asked alumni to share their career advice on a variety of topics via LinkedIn.
Pacific University School of Pharmacy Associate Professor Dr. Fawzy Elbarbry and Assistant Professor Dr. Ashim Malhotra are among the leadership team of a special issue of the peer-reviewed journal, Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity.
Pacific University School of Pharmacy Associate Professor Sarah E. White, PharmD, BCPS, RPh earned the  ASHP 2014 Best Practices Award in Health-System Pharmacy.