Health Professions Students Graduate from Pacific University

Pacific University held its summer commencement exercises for several programs within its College of Health Professions on Saturday, Aug. 8 at the Forest Grove Campus. Students of the college's two newest programs - audiology and health science - became the first graduates of the respective programs.

The School of Audiology presented its inaugural cohort of students for a doctor of audiology degree, and the School of Healthcare Administration and Leadership presented its candidates for a bachelor of health science degree, Pacific's first online-only program.

The School of Healthcare Administration and Leadership also presented candidates for a master's degree in healthcare administration, joining students from the schools of Dental Hygiene StudiesOccupational TherapyPhysician Assistant Studies and Professional Psychology.

Candidates for a bachelor's degree in dental hygiene received their diplomas, as did doctor of occupational therapy degree candidates, master of physician assistant studies students, doctor of clinical psychology candidates,master of counseling psychology students and master of clinical psychology degree candidates.

Each program held individual ceremonies earlier in the week to recognize outstanding students. Following is a listing of honorees:

School of Dental Hygiene Studies

  • Director’s Award - Laura Kleffner
  • Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals STAR Award - Jessica Parker
  • American Association of Public Health Dentistry Recognition Award for Achievement in Community Dentistry & Dental Public Health - Shannon Sakata
  • Hu-Friedy Golden Scaler Award - Chelsea Smotherman
  • Dr. Gaither Johnson Preventive Oral Health Care Award - Gretchen Madriaga
  • Oregon Dental Hygienists’ Association Future Leader Award - Megan Coffelt
  • Restorative Dentistry Award - Kali Scott
  • Sigma Phi Alpha National Honor Society Membership Awards - Katrina Bailey, Laura Kleffner, Justin Larson
  • Alumni Association Outstanding Graduate - Sheryl Smith

School of Healthcare Administration and Leadership

  • Capstone Achievement Awards - Rocío Acosta-Gonzáles, Madel Basconcillo, Micaiah Fifer, Kelly White, Matthew White
  • Contribution to the MHA Program Award - Kelly White
  • Contribution to the Professional Community - Summer Musa
  • Professional Development - Diriba Sapanie
  • Alumni Association Outstanding Graduate - Anthony Mai

School of Occupational Therapy

  • Director’s Award - Rebecca Phillips, McKenzie Stuby
  • Special Recognition for Legislative Advocacy - Lorena Hawkins
  • Special Recognition for Global Citizenship - Elizabeth Martin
  • Valedictorians - Aryn Anderson, Rebecca Phillips
  • Special Recognition for Community Service and Diversity Development - Aaron Proctor
  • Alumni Association Outstanding Graduate - Mason Munson

School of Physician Assistant Studies

  • Academic Excellence Award - Amber Kuklinski
  • Clinical Excellence Award - Whitney Thomas
  • Alumni Association Outstanding Graduate - Jeffrey Deem

School of Professional Psychology

Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology

  • Outstanding Practitioner-Scholar Award - Elizabeth Coleman, Christopher Watson
  • Community Service Award - Mico Kurtz
  • Director’s Award - Eli Dapolonia
  • Alumni Association Outstanding Graduate - Kenneth Alfred

Doctor of Psychology

  • Outstanding Practitioner-Scholar Award - Elizabeth Sosa
  • Community Service Award - Natasha Holmes
  • Dean’s Award: Excellence in Dissertation Research - Kathryn Wyman-Chick
  • Alumni Association Outstanding Graduate - Elizabeth Trent
Monday, Aug. 10, 2015