Hit The Ground Running

Stacy Carpenter“The small campus, the close knit staff, and student cohort were exactly what I needed,” said Stacy Carpenter MAT '16.

Carpenter received her master of arts in teaching from Pacific University and, like many other students who attend Pacific, she was drawn to the sense of community. 

Pacific was also recommended to Carpenter by many other teaching professionals she had worked with previously. Now, she is a seventh-grade science teacher at Thurston Middle School in Springfield, Ore.

Carpenter advises current students in the program to slow down when they can and remember what they trained for in school, as it will get easier. 

“The first year of teaching you will hit the ground running and everything comes at you so fast,” Carpenter said. “When you have questions, access your colleagues, administrators, and Pacific University professors.” 

The master of arts in teaching program provides candidates with the opportunity to pursue a rigorous interdisciplinary study of the foundations of education. This program is available from the campuses in Forest Grove and Eugene. This advanced degree is suited for anyone interested in developing expertise in curriculum development, teaching practices and program evaluation.


Friday, July 23, 2021