International Student Success: Ally Govi '20

Ally Govi

Sitting in class in Berglund Hall, Ally Govi '20 has genuinely settled into her home at Pacific, but it is not the only place she calls home. Govi was born and raised in Italy but lived in Hawaii while attending Kapiolani Community College (KCC) before transferring to Pacific. “I was born and raised in Italy,” relays Govi, “However, I now consider Hawaii and Oregon my homes too. Hawaii, where my mom and dad live, and Oregon, where I decided to make my home.” Not opposed to exploring new places, Govi also did a semester abroad in Salamanca, Spain, after transferring to Pacific.

Initially, Govi had a hard time with her college search when looking to transfer from KCC. “I wasn’t sure where I wanted to live between Colorado or New England… I also wasn’t one hundred percent sure what I wanted to study.” She had a love of languages and a desire to be an interpreter, but “I also had a passion for marketing,” she explained. At Pacific, she has found the perfect combination: a major in business with concentrations in international business and marketing and a second major in Spanish. 

She found Pacific University at a college fair hosted every year at KCC, “We talked to many recruiters,” she explained, “..we looked at different schools, but Pacific had stuck with me.” She knew people who had graduated from Pacific and having a steady 4.0 GPA as a transfer student afforded her academic-merit scholarships, a language talent scholarship, a Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society scholarship, and a few more. “I was also attracted by the fact that Pacific University is a small school, where I would have a one to one relationship with my professors—making it worth any cost after scholarships.”

Govi visited campus in the summer of 2016, “I loved the campus,” she reminisced, “how small it is, and I instantly fell in love with the atmosphere—the sense of being at home, because I felt like I was home.” She saw some similarities between KCC and Pacific “…with the very caring professors, it’s a family atmosphere,” and found “the only difference is honestly the weather and the greenery surrounding campus here, while back in Hawaii it’s drier.” After the visit, she continued to work with Tania Hand in Admissions and Gretchen Potter in Academic Advising to understand which classes she was missing, what classes to take before transferring, and which majors and minors were possible. On her transfer experience, she commented: “Both of these ladies made my transfer easy and smooth.” 

While enrolled at Pacific, Govi utilized Pacific’s relationship with Academic Programs International (API) to study abroad in Salamanca, Spain, last spring semester. There she put her Spanish language skills to the test by participating in an integrated program where she attended classes with local students, and only Spanish was spoken. She truly enjoyed the experience: “I met wonderful people, including my host mom, with whom I still speak… It was so amazing.” With API’s program, not only was Govi able to develop her language skills and meet people in Salamanca, “I visited gorgeous places, and I learned a lot about the culture,” she explained. The program took her to Sevilla, Spain, and Lisbon, Portugal, under the guidance and care of the local API administrators. “I one hundred percent recommend Salamanca and API,” she elatedly exclaimed, “…even now, when I go through the pictures, I cry missing it.”

While at Pacific, Govi has been participating in the Passport for Professional Development program offered by the College of Business Placement Services. After completing several different activities to help her in her professional development, she’s found the program to “…be very interesting and useful to prepare me for what will come after college.” She is continuing to work with Wanda Frazier in Placement Services on her resume and her LinkedIn profile to prepare for the recruiting season for marketing students starting next fall. As for her future career path, “I honestly am not 100 percent sure on what I would like to do with my career; all I know is I want to work with digital marketing.”

Since Govi had only completed one and a half years at KCC and did a semester abroad, she is on track to graduate in the fall of 2020, but the extra time she gets to spend here is warmly appreciated. “My Pacific education is something I am very proud of and grateful for,” she explained, “I am very glad that I got to attend this school and meet great professors and students. It has now become my home, and I know that thanks to this school, I will hopefully be able to land a perfect job after graduation.”

Monday, March 2, 2020