Placement Services for Employers | College of Business

Pacific University’s College of Business offers extraordinary learning experiences through innovative teaching methods, diverse course offerings, and countless opportunities for student success. Students experience smaller classes which allows rich interaction with the business faculty and more interaction with peers; creating an environment where students thrive and flourish. Challenging coursework, projects and team presentations are designed to build the leaders of tomorrow with strong communication skills and a high degree of emotional intelligence.

Corporate Partnerships

The college is continuously seeking new corporate partnerships. In addition to the Corporate Landscape Tour, we invite Corporate leaders to be guest speakers in our classrooms, participate in brown bag lunch seminars and join regularly scheduled career panels. We look towards these partnerships to provide job placement opportunities now and in the future; creating an interactive pipeline of new talent which launches our students into their career.  In addition to getting a hard-working, passionate new employee, the company has a chance to mentor and train one of the future business leaders in our area.

Internship Possibilities

Learning how to apply theories and business examples does not come from just being in a classroom, it comes from hands on application with mentorship and guidance in the real business world. Placement Services has developed an internship program which assists our students in locating an internship where they have the opportunity to work alongside experienced personnel in their fields. Internships such as those with corporate accountants, financial analysts, or marketing specialists,  offer a necessary applied learning experience for students to be successful in their desired fields

If this opportunity to work closely with Pacific University’s College of Business is of interest, please contact me. I will be more than happy to schedule a campus tour, introduce our Dean, Jim Goodrich and of course offer an opportunity to uniquely build a lasting legacy.  I look forward to introducing, and launching, our newest graduating class.