COVID-19 Information

Outdoor Pursuits will be offering outdoor equipment rental services and day trips to Pacific students, and non-students this spring. We ask that you review the other information, including the updated rental reservations, pick up, and return procedures, prior to making a reservation.

The list of available equipment and trips will be updated as we adjust to each phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have any questions, you can email us at, or call us at 503-352-2264.

We appreciate your patience with this situation, and hope that you are all able to stay active, spend some time in the fresh air, and maintain your health! If you have any questions about COVID-19 or how Pacific University will be functioning during this time, please visit the COVID-19 Response and Planning webpages. For direct information about how Outdoor Pursuits will be operating, review our COVID-19 policies and guidelines.

Nurture Your Sense of Adventure with Spring Trips from Outdoor Pursuits

As spring break draws nearer, Outdoor Pursuits wants to encourage all students to follow their adventurous side by signing up for one or more of the following opportunities listed on the Outdoor Pursuits calendar! All excursions will be led by qualified, professional individuals who share your love of the outdoors and always want to make your trip experience the best it can be! 

Join Outdoor Pursuits for the 2021 Summit Series experience, a six-day snowy experience whose culminating event is a two-day summit attempt on Mt. St. Helens! This adventure will be spread out over several days between March and April, including two -in-class sessions and two day trips to Mt. Hood, all of which lead to the final attempt to summit St. Helens on April 24-25. During the class sessions, participants will be taught the basics of mountaineering, while the mountain experiences will include a snow school and avalanche training to prepare participants for the Mt. St. Helens trek. Register today or contact the OP office by phone at 503-352-2264, or by email at

If you are sick and tired of the cold and wet winter, why not plan ahead and look forward to the Spring Break Whitewater Rafting Trip? Join OP for a week out on the whitewater! This multi-day adventure starts at Outdoor Pursuits in the Milky Way, and participants will travel to the beautiful Deschutes River in Central Oregon! This trip is an overnight adventure starting Friday night, March 19 at Outdoor Pursuits through Wednesday, March 24 on the Deschutes. Whether you're battling rapids or enjoying a delicious dinner in camp, you're guaranteed some great memories and some beautiful scenery! Qualified instructors educate the proper techniques and knowledge to efficiently paddle and raft in whitewater rapids! This trip full of wonderful whitewater and sun is bound to be the perfect way to spend your spring break. Register for this one-of-a-kind experience! 

For those adventurous folk who would like some more experience and knowledge before delving into the beautiful forests, consider joining our Wilderness First Aid Course this May. Learn how to apply first aid and CPR skills in the backcountry during this WFA course. You will gain firsthand experience in responding to medical, environmental, and traumatic emergencies in the outdoors and get your CPR certification. The course runs 3 full days between May 12 and 14. Register for a weekend full of amazing instructors and incredible skills. 

Continue to check our trip schedule page for new opportunities and updated information! Questions or concerns can be directed to Outdoor Pursuits by phone at 503-352-2264, or by email at

Monday, March 1, 2021