Pacific Hall Update | Week of Oct. 2

As a whole, the project remains on schedule for a Jan. 10 substantial completion date, and on track to re-open the building by the end January and the start of spring term. 

Seismic Upgrade

All interior concrete work for the project is complete.

Scaffolding has been constructed in the east and west stairwells for the brace walls. The brace walls and anchors were installed and completed on Oct. 5. This concluded the seismic upgrade, a major milestone for the project.

Site & Exterior Work

The new accessible ramp at the main entry and new sidewalk were poured on Sept. 29. Installation of the new railings at the ramp and east stair is scheduled for the week of Oct. 23.

The new mechanical rooftop unit will be installed on Oct. 16 and 17.

NW masonry is on-site this week to repair exterior brick, concrete, and stucco that was damaged during the seismic upgrade. It was anticipated that some of the existing building exterior would sustain some damage given the nature of the work, and the work to repair this damage was planned and budgeted for under the base scope of the project and does not represent an impact to the schedule or budget. Repair work was completed on Oct. 6.

The team is currently evaluating and working through the details of additional work to replace the joint sealants around the building between the existing brick and concrete/stucco. If we proceed with this work, NW masonry would begin replacing the joints on Oct. 9. This work will take roughly 3-4 weeks to complete. In addition to replacing the joints, NW masonry will wash and seal the existing brick. This work is already in-scope for the project, schedule pending final decision on the joint replacement. Finally, the team is exploring an option to paint the building with an elastomeric paint which will both refresh the appearance and provide additional long-term waterproofing for the building. If we proceed, this work will be completed in sequence with joint replacement and brick wash and seal. The team is targeting the end of the first week of November to complete this work if we elect to proceed.


The final windows are being set on level 1 this week. All windows were set by Oct. 6. Over the next two weeks, the team complete the air seals and install exterior window sill flashing. All work related to the window replacement is schedule for completion by Oct. 20.

Interior Finishes

Drywall and door frame installation on level 2 is ongoing over the course of this week and next. Drywall hanging is scheduled for completion by Oct 13. Taping began in zone 1 on Oct. 5, and in zone 2 on Oct. 9. This work will continue through Oct. 24.

Painting is underway this week, beginning with the corridor ceilings on level 2. Drywall painting is scheduled to begin on Oct. 16 and continue through Oct. 30 on level 2.

Ceiling framing and installation of cloud ceilings on level 2 is scheduled from Oct. 20 to Nov. 2.

Prepping and painting of door frames is scheduled to begin from Oct. 25 and continue through Nov. 2 on level 2. Doors and hardware will be installed from Nov. 1 into the second week of November.

Whiteboards, wall protection, and OFCI equipment on level 2 will be installed during the last week of October and first week of November, scheduled for Oct. 25 through Nov. 6.

Fire sprinkler piping install is ongoing on level 1, scheduled for completion by Oct. 20. Minority AC will be on-site to cut holes in the ceiling for the new sprinkler heads on Oct. 9 and Oct. 23.

Remaining MEP rough-in on level 1 is ongoing this week and into next, with completion scheduled for Oct. 11.

Level 1, zone 1 cover inspection took place on Oct. 3. Insulation and drywall work will begin on Oct. 12 and continue through Nov. 2. In zone 2, cover inspection is scheduled for Oct. 12, with insulation and drywall beginning the following week on Oct. 26.


Cover inspection for the new restrooms took place on Oct. 2. Ceiling framing is taking place over the course of this week, with drywall and tile backer beginning next week. Drywall, tile backer, and taping continues through Oct. 20, with painting the following week. Bathroom tile is scheduled for the week of Oct. 30.

Recently, the team decided to proceed with upgrading the existing restrooms on level 1, in addition to adding the new single-occupancy restrooms on both levels. The downstairs men’s and women’s restrooms will be upgraded to bring them in line with the upstairs restrooms, with new wall tiles, sinks, lighting, toilet partitions, and accessories. This work began this week with demo of the existing partitions, tile, and specialties, and will continue throughout the remainder of the month of October and into November.

Entry & Lobby

The final lift for the topping slab at the main entry was completed at the end of last week, and pouring the topping slab took place on Oct. 5 and 6.

Sanding and refinishing the wood plinth under the main stair took place on Oct. 6 and 9.

Field measurement for the main entry storefront will take place from Oct. 9 to Oct. 27. Storefront install is scheduled for the first week of November.

ACT ceiling framing and painting of the ceiling at the main entry will take place from Oct. 13 to Oct. 20.

Cover inspection is scheduled for Oct. 20. Drywall and taping are scheduled to follow from Oct. 24 to Nov. 2.

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Monday, Oct. 9, 2023