Pacific Hall Update | Week of Oct. 9

We are excited to inform you that the seismic upgrade has been completed. This  represents a major milestone for the project.

In addition, the final windows wer set the week of Oct. 9, with a small exception at openings that are being used to heat the building and port trash and materials in and out of the building. These new windows will be sealed and tied in with the new exterior wall joints over the next several weeks, creating a more waterproof and energy-efficient Pacific Hall. The project steering committee has given the team approval to move forward with replacing the wall joints, washing and sealing the brick, and painting the building with an elastomeric paint which will both help keep moisture out, as well as refreshing the overall appearance of the building.

Inside the building, drywall, taping and typical finish sequence continues to make rapid progress on Level 2. MEP and fire sprinkler rough-in on Level 1 will wrap up over the next couple of weeks, and the team will rotate into finish sequence on Level 1. Work on upgrading the Level 1 restrooms also gets underway the week of Oct. 9.

The computer desks for new computer lab 205 have been ordered and are slated to arrive in early January. We are working to finalize the remainder of the furniture package for installation in January.

The project remains on schedule for substantial completion of the construction project by Jan. 10. As delivery dates for furniture and AV equipment begin to crystallize, the team is beginning to build the schedule for post-construction activities related to prepping the building for reopening by the start of the spring semester on Jan. 29, 2024. 

Here is a breakdown of the work accomplshed Oct. 9-13:

Seismic Upgrade

The final brace walls will be constructed by the end of this week, marking the successful completion of the seismic upgrade.

Site & Exterior Work

The new rooftop mechanical unit was installed.

NW Masonry repaired damaged brick and exterior stucco around the perimeter of the building. Next, they will begin removing existing caulk joints to make ready for new window and joint sealants. New exterior joints will begin being installed this week and continue through Oct. 26.

Washing and sealing the existing brick will begin Oct. 27 and continue through Nov. 17.

Painting will begin Nov. 2 and continue through Nov. 23.


All windows have been set, with exception of the window openings being used for trash out and heating. These windows will be installed on Oct. 20. Air seal, sheet metal flashing, and exterior caulking will take place the following week, from Oct. 23 to 25.

Interior Finishes, Level 2

Drywall and taping will continue on Level 2 with taping completion scheduled for Oct. 24.

Priming and painting drywall and corridor ceilings on Level 2 is scheduled to continue through the remainder of October with completion by Oct. 30.

Framing for acoustic ceiling tiles and cloud ceilings on Level 2 begins Oct. 20, and will continue through Nov. 2. This includes patching back ACT ceiling on the south half of Level 2.

Fire extinguisher cabinets, whiteboards, wall protection and OFCI equipment on Level 2 will be installed from Oct. 25 to Nov. 6. Tackboards will be installed on Nov. 10 and13.

Doors and cabinets will be installed between Nov. 1 and 8.

Level 2 flooring will be installed from Nov. 6 to 9.

Storefronts for the new pods and conference rooms will be installed from Nov. 8 to 14.

Interior Finishes, Level 1

MEP and fire sprinkler rough-in will be completed by Oct. 20.

Ceiling abatement for fire sprinkler heads was roughly 85% complete on Oct. 9. Minority AC will return on Oct. 18 to complete the remainder of ceiling abatement. This will conclude the hazardous materials abatement on the project.

Fire sprinkler heads will be mounted with completion scheduled on Oct. 26. Fire sprinkler inspection is scheduled for Oct. 27.

Framing of office walls and soffit completion was scheduled for Oct. 17.

Level 1 cover inspections were scheduled for Oct. 13.

Drywall, taping, and painting began Oct. 16, and will continue through Nov. 13.

Doors will be installed in Zone 1 from Nov. 3 to 7.

New Restrooms

Ceilings in the new restrooms on both levels were framed last week. Drywall and tile backer will take place over the course of the week of Oct. 16 with taping and painting the following week. This sequence of work is scheduled for completion byOct. 31, with tiling beginning Nov. 1.

Existing Level 1 Restrooms

Demolition of existing, specialties, tile, and plaster wraps up the week of Oct. 16.

Plaster repairs will take place from Oct. 23 to Nov. 1.

Wall tile will be installed from Nov. 8 to 16.

Entry and Lobby

The topping slab at the main entry has been poured, ground, and coated with epoxy. Final epoxy finishing will take place the week of Oct. 16.

Fire sprinkler and electrical rough-in is scheduled for completion Oct. 13. Cover inspection is scheduled for Oct. 20.

Wall and ceiling framing and ceiling painting will continue through Oct. 20.

Drywall, taping, and painting begins Oct. 24 and will continue through Nov. 3.

Installation of the new storefront will take place from Oct. 30 through Nov. 3.

Concrete polishing at the lobby will take place from Nov. 6 to 13.

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Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2023