Pacific Student, Employee Appear in New York Times Column Photo

Lisette Romig '18, MAT '07, and Pacific's clinical outreach coordinator, and Pacific student Jessica Monje-Perez '21, were shown in a photo accompanying Nick Kristof's June 27, 2020 column about the "Hispanic Paradox."

As Kristof, who is from Yamhill, Ore., notes, "Despite poverty and discrimination, Hispanic Americans live significantly longer than white or black Americans." Scholars aren't sure why, and that's why it's called the Hispanic Paradox.

For his June 27 column, Kristof visited Cornelius, Ore., where Romig and Monje-Perez were volunteering with the nonprofit Centro Cultural de Washington County to prepare food boxes for migrant workers. Such work, he said, is an illustration of the way the Hispanic community pulls together in difficult times.

Thursday, July 16, 2020