Participate in National Voter Education Week: Oct 2-6

It's National Voter Education Week from Oct 2-6. Voters, especially new voters, don’t always know where to go for information to help them cast their ballots. That’s where National Voter Education Week comes in.

During this week of interactive education, voters have the opportunity to find their polling location, understand their ballot, make a plan to vote in person or remotely, and inspire others to get involved. 

Monday: Register to Vote or Check Your Registration
Tuesday: Request Your Mail-In Ballot (if you're not an Oregon voter, we do it automatically)
Wednesday: Make a Plan to Vote
Thursday: Learn What's on Your Ballot
Friday: Level Up

There are state or municipal elections in 31 different states this fall and primaries and special elections at the beginning of 2024.

Now is the time to make sure you're #VoteReady. For additional support between now an the 2024 election, take the Pacific Votes Pledge!

Friday, Sept. 29, 2023