Racial Microaggressions: Why Didn't I Speak Up? | Episode 5 | Rising From The Margins

Today’s conversation centers on microaggressions and how making an intentional choice to not immediately confront one’s oppressor is a commendable, self-preserving survival strategy for people of color. Informed by the work of Dr. Leticia Nieto, author of Beyond Inclusion, Beyond Empowerment: A Developmental Strategy to Liberate Everyone, below are some questions that people of Color can consider when deciding on how to respond to a microaggression:

  • Is this the place to raise the issue?
  • Will this person be receptive to what I have to say?
  • Is this person ready to receive what I have to say; that is will they change their mind?
  • Do they have the skills to understand more about my marginalized experience? Or is this person just going to dismiss, defend,minimize, and critique?
  • Is this the best way to use my energy?

Resources: Dr. Leticia Nieto: Beyond Inclusion, Beyond Empowerment:A Developmental Strategy to Liberate Everyone

Wednesday, June 17, 2020