Renew Your Parking Permits for 2023

It's time for students and employees on the Forest Grove Campus to update parking permits for 2023! Check your parking permit to see if it has a yellow "Valid 2023" validation sticker, as all permits without this sticker will no longer be valid in university parking lots starting January 2023.

Please complete the online parking permit application for a renewal request. Learn more about parking passes and fees at the Student Affairs Front Desk page. Students are eligible for one parking pass and employees may have up to two passes.

Please note: The renewal forms are for all faculty, staff and students attending the Forest Grove Campus. Students attending other campuses (Hillsboro, Portland, Eugene, and Woodburn) should check in with their campus's parking practices to get their permits updated, if necessary.

Questions? Please contact Student Affairs Front Desk at, or by phone at 503-352-2200.

Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2022